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Something you need to know about Manual Resuscitator/AMBU bag-Part 2
December 04 , 2020
What is the different between our old type Ambu patient valve and new type Ambu patient valve?

Old type: you need to install the adapter to the patient valve before assemble the PEEP valve. New type: save the cost of adapter and one operation procedure as no need to install the adapter before assemble the PEEP valve, the patient valve already embedded with the adapter.

New type patient valve is suitable for PVC manual resuscitator as the valve can not be dissembled to be sterilized.

Why the autoclavable temperature of silicone manual resuscitator is different?

It depends on the materials of valves (patient valve and reservoir valve for the BVM)
If these valves are made of PSF(Polysulfone), then the whole resuscitation bag can be autoclaved at 134℃, and if they are made of PC (Polycarbonate), the temperature will be 121℃.

Therefore, it is very important for the customers to know the materials of valves to avoid any misunderstanding.

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