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Silicone manual resuscitator ambu bag

Artificial emergency manual resuscitator, usually being called as Ambu bag or BVM-short for bag valve mask, is intended for providing positive pressure ventilation to patients who are not breathing or not breathing adequately.
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Ambu manual ventilator self inflating bag

Reusable bag valve mask resuscitation set is made of durable medical grade material-silicone which is autoclavable and reusable. A standard bag valve mask consists three parts which are face mask, valve with filter and the bag itself. Brief of the BVM compents: (1) face mask is used to forced air through into the patient's lungs, when the bag is released, it self-inflates from its other end, drawing in either ambient air or a low pressure oxygen flow supplied by a regulated cylinder, while also allowing the patient's lungs to deflate to the ambient environment (not the bag) past the one way valve.  (2) Bag and valve combinations can also be attached to an alternate airway adjunct, instead of to the mask. For example, it can be attached to an endotracheal tube or laryngeal mask airway.  

- Good functioning / Excellent expanding / Perfect perception
- Made of pure, durable medical grade silicone, 100% latex free
- All parts can be easily dismounted for cleaning and disinfecting.
- Silicone resuscitator bag and silicone face mask can be autoclaved repeatedly for over 20 times
- Built-in pressure relief valve to minimize the risk of over pressure
- Pressure relief valve can be blocked
- Additional accessories and customized label are available.
- All-in-one intake valve connects to oxygen reservoir bag directly
- Semi-transparent allowing for a visual check of the patient’s condition.

Silicone manual resuscitator standard configuration including,
-Resuscitation bag
-Silicone face mask
-Reservoir bag
-2.1 meters oxygen tube
-In plastic carry box
-12pcs/CTN, carton size: 55.5X34X46cm

Optional accessory: airway, mouth opener, PEEP valve

What is AMBU?
AMBU is short for Artificial Manual Breathing Unit, which was manufactured and marketed in 1956. Today there are several manufacturers of self-inflating bag resuscitators. Some, like the original Ambu bag, are durable and intended for reuse after thorough cleaning. Others are inexpensive and intended for a single use.
BVMs Initially produced in one size,now available in sizes for use with infants, children or adults.

Why choose Winner Ambu bag?
Winner has been dedicated itself in first aid products industry for 10 years.

As the industry benchmark of ambu bag, we are the only domestic manufacturer who was invited to join the seminar held by our SFDA office. This Seminar is about drawing the compilation of registration and technical examination principles for ambu bag.

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