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PVC ambu bag resuscitator single use

Medical PVC manual resuscitator ambu bag is disposable type resuscitator usually being called as Ambu bag or BVM-short for bag valve mask, is intended for pulmonary resuscitation.
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BVM hand resuscitator self inflating bag

Disposable Manual resuscitator ambu bag is a hand-held medical device commonly used for medical emergencies when the patient's breathing is insufficient or has ceased completely. Bag valve mask ventilation is an essential emergency skill, which is most the only option for airway management. There are two types of manual resuscitators. One version is self-filling with air and oxygen is not necessary, the other version of manual resuscitator is frequently used for non-emergency applications in the operating room to ventilate patients during anesthesia induction and recovery. They are most often used in both in-hospital and out-of-hospital settings, such as ambulance. They can be used as normal for continued oxygen supply and assisted ventilation.

- Good functioning / Excellent expanding / Perfect perception
- Made of pure, durable medical grade PVC, 100% latex free
- Disposable to avoid cross infection
- Built-in pressure relief valve to minimize the risk of over pressure
- Pressure relief valve can be blocked
- Additional accessories and customized label are available
- All-in-one intake valve connects to oxygen reservoir bag directly
- Semi-transparent allowing for a visual check of the patient’s condition
- Available in blue color or green color

 PVC disposable manual resuscitator standard configuration including,
- Resuscitation bag
-PVC face mask
-Reservoir bag
-2.1 meters oxygen tube
-In plastic carry box
-12pcs/CTN, carton size: 55.5X34X46cm

Optional accessory: airway, mouth opener, PEEP valve

Company Information
Xiamen Winner is a professional supplier of first-aid & anesthesia products like Rescue manual resuscitation ambu bag, PVC adult manual resuscitator with bag, Artificial bag valve mask ambu set hospital use, Bvm hand resuscitator self inflating bag and extrication collar.We have our own factory in Xiamen and it operates under ISO 13485:2003-, ISO 9001:2000- and ISO 10993-4:2002- certified management systems and all of our products carry CE marks.

Why you choose to cooperate with Xiamen Winner?

When You Work with Winner Medical, You Work Directly with a Real Quality Factory Supplier in China. We never take our role as market leader for granted.   Instead, we constantly innovate and improve to remain number one.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.