• 12May
    Happy International Nurses Day

    Today is International Nurses Day! We, Xiamen Winner Medical Co., Ltd., the leading manufacturer of manual resuscitator, anesthesia face mask, extrication collar and other respiratory products, want to say thank you to every single nurse for everything you do across all of our locations every day. Your work is so inspiring especially at the special time. You're helping people in hospital, the community, general practice, mental health, learning disabilities and social care services. Happy Nurses Day^_^

  • 12May
    Happy Birthday to My Dearest Colleagues

    Yesterday we held a joyful birthday party for our dearest collegues who were born in May. Appreciate them a lot for their continuous hard working. Winner holds birthday party every month. birthday girls and boyrs will received red envolope, eat birthday noodles and cakes. What a loving family Winner is. Xiamen Winner is the leading manufacturer of ambu bag, resuscitation mask and ambu bag parts like mask, PEEP valve, airways etc. Our products have been a trusted brand for more than 10 years. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products.

  • 29Apr
    Happy International Labour's Day

    Happy Labour's Day to all the workers around the world. Xiamen Winner will be closed from Apr,29, 2022 to May.04, 2022 to celebrate the special Day belongs to us all. You may email to info@winner-medi.com if anything urgent. See you in May!

  • 15Feb
    Happy Lantern Festival

    The Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, comes again! It is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month. People eat Yuanxiao, view lanterns and guess lantern riddles as traditional activities during the day. In order to thank the employees for their hard work and let all people feel the joy of the festival, our Winner company arranges Yuanxiao in the canteen on this special day. Everyone can feel the warmth and love of Winner family again. This is again our Winner's stype, Happy Work, Happy Life! This day leads to the first full moon night of the year, and is also the night when the earth returns to spring. Here Winner Medical wishes you a happy Lantern Festival, a full moon and a full home!

  • 22Feb
    Xiamen Winner took part in 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

    Xiamen Winner Medical's top selling product: "Ambu Bag", was selected as the first aid product for medical support of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, contribute to the health of athletes from all over the world! Who we are? As the industry benchmark of ambu bag, Xiamen Winner Medical are the only and leanding domestic manufacturer who was invited to join the seminar held by our SFDA office. This Seminar is about drawing the compliation of registration and technical examination principles for ambu bag. What we are doing next? Every one from Xiamen Winner Medicall will keep working hard to enhance the Olympic spirits-faster, higher, stronger and together.

  • 27Jan
    Xiamen Winner Medical wishes you all the best in the TIGER year

    The TIGER year is coming~~ Xiamen Winner Medical wishes you all the best in this new year of TIGER. Our holiday starts from JAN.28, 2022 to Feb.8, 2022. We will be back on Feb.09, 2022. See you next year.

  • 31Dec
    Happy New Year 2022

    Happy New Year! Thank you very much for your consistant support to us in 2021. Xiamen Winner hereby wishing you and your family health, happiness and prosperity in the new year.

  • 29Nov
    10-Year Anniversary for Xiamen Winner

    To all our clients and workforce, we would like to thank you for your business and hard work throughout the past 10 years. It has been a long road from our start in medical device industry 10 years ago with only one story and several staffs to now being a well-established company within medical device industry with a whole building and a professional reliable workforce with an ever increasing number of regular and satisfied clients. We strive to maintain a high quality record combined with a reputation for providing innovative solutions that exceed customers' requirements over the last 10 years. This has made Xiamen Winner a partner of trust for all our customers. Thanks to everyone that has been a part of our journey. You have been critical to our company's growth and success in our first decade, and we look forward to working with you in the coming years! Main Products from Xiamen Winner 1. manual resuscitator 2. silicone/PVC face masks 3. CPR pocket mask 4. adjustable cervical collar 5. air splints 6. CPAP mask 7. nebulizer mask 8. some oxygen therapy masks 9. Safety isolation goggles

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