• 30Sep
    National Day Holiday Notice from Xiamen Winner

    Our office will be off operation from Oct. 1 to Oct. 7, 2021 in order to celebrate the 72nd Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China. We would return to normal activities on Oct. 8, 2021. During this period, we keeps online for urgent inquiries, simple technical support and document demand regarding our products manual resuscitator, anesthesia face mask, cervical collar, oxygen therapy mask, CPAP mask or BIPAP mask, etc. We are available via below contact. Email: info@winner-medi.com For urgent issue, call Rachel +86 13365926183 Lily +86 15359425689

  • 08Sep
    Xiamen Winner Attends 21st CIPIT as Exhibitor

    The 21st China International Fair for Investment and Trade opens on Wednesday in our Xiamen, Fujian province, with businesses from across the world attending to participate in exchanges. Focusing on new opportunities for international investment under new development patterns, the four-day event runs until Saturday and is taking place online and offline. This year, Xiamen Winner, as representative of medical enterprises from Tong'an District of Xiamen, exhibit in CIPIT. We would like to introduce our complete product series as below. 1. ambu bag (manual resuscitator) 2. CPR first aid rescue mask 3. PVC/silicone face mask, anesthesia mask 4. emergency cervical collar 5. nebulizer kit Company: Xiamen Winner Booth No.: C4012 Date: 2021.09.08-2021.09.11 Venue: Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, Xiamen, China Thank you for your attention and we look forward to seeing you there^_^

  • 26Aug
    New Product-Manual Resuscitator Ambu Bag BVM

    Manual resuscitator is always a hot-sale item and warmly welcome worldwide. Based on this situation, our Xiamen Winner has developed a new mold for this ambu bag product according to customers' request. Comparison of First Version & Second Version Same shape with different surface: 1st version: There are windows on the balloon. 2nd version: no windows on the balloon but it is more anti-skiding surface. Medical grade PVC material, good functioning, good resilience, with size information engraved on the body. Same volume 1630ml with same dimension 325X132mm at about 600g. These manual resuscitator are inexpensive and intended for single patient use, available in sizes for use with infants, children or adults. Winner always keeps eyes on market demand and stays active on product research and development.

  • 18Aug
    More products listed in FDA

    We are happy to announce that more products are listed in FDA The product list which get FDA as below, -Mask, Gas, Anesthetic - Anesthesia Mask -Gag, Mouth - Mouth Opener -Strap, Head, Gas Mask - Headgear -Airway, Oropharyngeal, Anesthesiology - Airway, Oropharyngeal Airway -Clip, Nose - Nose Clip -Mask, Oxygen - Oxygen Mask -Splint, Extremity, Inflatable, External - Air Splint -Orthosis, Cervical - Cervical Collar -Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Aid Kit - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Aid Kit, With CPR Mask -Bag, Reservoir - RESERVOIR BAG -Circuit, Breathing (W Connector, Adaptor, Y Piece) - BREATHING CIRCUIT -Tubing, Pressure And Accessories - Gas Tube -Nebulizer, Medicinal, Non-Ventilatory (Atomizer) - ATOMIZER -Mouthpiece, Breathing - Mouthpiece -Support, Patient Position - HEAD WEDGE -Mask, Oxygen, Low Concentration, Venturi - VENTURI MASK -Mask, Oxygen, Non-Rebreathing - Non-Rebreathing Mask -Bag, Drainage, With Adhesive, Ostomy - DRAIN BAG -Shield, Eye, Ophthalmic (Including Sunlamp Protective Eyewear And Post-Mydriatic Eyewear) - -Safety Goggles -Accessory, Surgical Apparel - FACE SHIELD, PROTECTIVE, ISOLATION MASK -Valve, Non-Rebreathing - Emergency CPR Mask

  • 11Aug
    Unite as one, sure we will win | Winner-medi.com

    XIAMEN, the city we live and work in has reported two confirmed cases of COVID-19 last Friday. The confirmed cases are a crew member from an international cargo flight and his father, while his mother and son have been confirmed as asymptomatic cases at first, but now including his wife, all his family members are confirmed cases. They are now in designated hospitals for quarantine and treatment. Since last friday, their close contacts and sub-close contacts in Xiamen had tested negative for the virus and had been placed in concentrated quarantine. Xiamen has initiated a Level-III emergency response to the resurgence of COVID-19 infections, and is expanding the scope of nucleic acid testing. Up to now, over four hundred thirty thousand residents have been sampled for COVID-19 testing, of all of them were negative. And they will start the third round of testing since today. As a supplier of epidemic prevention products, Xiamen Winner is ready to supply safety goggles, face shield, CPR mask, manual resuscitator and other first aid products for urgent need. Unite as one, sure we will win.

  • 29Sep
    Meet Xiamen Winner Medical at Autumn CMEF 2019 and Hospital Expo 2019

    This Octobor, we are going to exhibit at Autumn CMEF 2019 in Qingdao, China and Hospital Expo 2019 held in Indonesia like always. If you plan to join these two exhibition, please do not forget to pay a visit to our booth, you will be warmly welcomed. We have eight categories of medical devices, including Manual Resuscitator, Anesthesia Face Mask, CPR Face Mask, Nebulizer, Extrication Collar, Face Shield, Safety Goggles, Accessories. Our company is operated by a group of professional and senior leading team who are well-experienced in management. We have passed ISO134852016 and all the products are CE approved. Here are the details about our exhibition, CMEF Autumn 2019 Qingdao Company: Xiamen Winner Booth No.: S5-E27 Date: 2019.10.19-2019.10.22 Location: Qingdao World Expo City Hospital Expo 2019 Indonesia Company: Xiamen Winner Booth No.: Hall A-160 Date: 2019.10.23-2019.10.26 Location: Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia Thank you for your attention and we look forward to your visit.

  • 12Feb
    Customized CPR Pocket Mask Kit - Winner-medi.com

    On 2017/02/01, we are glad to recieve an inquiry from Switzerland, asking if we are able to supply customized CPR Pocket Mask kit.  Absolutely no dout that we are qualified to offer the cpr pocket mask as we have been in this field over a decade in China.   Until now, our conversation is still ongoing, and the client is very relied on us. Believe we will work together soon on this project. Following is the email from the client: Dear Sir or Madam We are a Swiss based company and reseller of medical and emergency products within Switzerland. We are currently looking for a customized CPR Pocket Mask Kit. I wonder whether you could help us in this case. Our customer is asking for a quotation of 23‘000 pcs of CPR Pocket Mask with the following requirements : -       Pocket mask with pendulum loop Contents of the package : -       Air mask -       Valve -       Disposable gloves, (pair) packed in plastic bag – without expiry date -       Multilingual user manual (German, French, Italian, English) inside the pocket. Color of pocket: Pantone 5605U C or grey or olive green Overprint : (Color white and red) -       Swiss cross -       Text according the picture -       Datamatrix Back side print : (colour white) -       User manual Do you have any possibilities to meet the requirements ? If so, could you please send me price and delivery time, approx. shipping costs ? If you can’t meet the requirements, would you probably have an address of a potential manufacturer ? This inquiry is rather urgent. So we would appreciate it if you could reply as soon as possible. Thank you very much. Kind regards from Switzerland

  • 09Jul
    China manual resuscitator ambu bag price

    Are you looking for manual resuscitator/ambu bag supppliers and need to know the cost ? Just email us at : info@winner-medi.com Well, here are some brief about us : (1) We're a real factory supplier for over 10 years, so you can believe our ambu bag price could be quite competitive in the market, while the quality is garanteed. (2) We produce ambu bags in Silicone, Pvc, SEBS. For different types of ambu bags, the price is different. By the way, currently we are looking for global distributors. While you're professional medical divice distributor, or trading company and are interested to work with us for the ambu bag as well as other products distribution, don't hesitate to contact us by email. It could be a perfect opportunity for both of us. Do not hesitate, act right now.

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