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Why choose Xiamen Winner as your reliable supplier of ambu bag/resuscitator and other emergency products?
December 25 , 2020

Xiamen Winner now,

-Has over 160 employees.

-Main co-founders have 25 years experience in molding industry and 20 years in medical device manufacturing.
-75% of Winner’s products are exported
-6,400 m2 of production area including 1,500 m2 cleanroom.
-22 High performance molding machine varied from 25t to 200t, 1 extrude molding machine, 4 blow molding machines, 1 silicone molding machine, and 4 assembly workshops (with highly efficient dehumidifier and related equipment).
-Geared with robots for automatic process and stable process control
-Clean workshop for GMP
-ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications including design
-CE certificated for products
-FDA Listing
-Member of XAMD

-Professional in molding process with Process validation procedure. Provide custom a completed documentation on DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ. Help custom to reduce process risk and saving cost.

Xiamen Winner’s Product Range:
1. Manual resuscitator
2. Silicone/PVC anesthesia face masks
3. CPR pocket mask
4. Adjustable cervical collar
5. Air splints
6. CPAP mask
7. Nebulizer mask
8. Oxygen therapy masks
9. Safety isolation goggles/isolation face shield

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