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Adjustable extrication cervical collar neck protection

Adjustable extrication collar neck protection is necessary to avoid the compression of the cervical rachis for a poly-traumatized patient during moving or transportation.
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Adjustable cervical/extrication collar 
Adjustable extrication collar neck protection is ideal to immobilize injured cervical vertebra, restrict extension and rotation and prevent second injuries. The one-piece design allows Cervical Extrication Collar to be put on and off easily, and the carotid pulse can be easily monitored from the front opening. Cervical Extrication Collar helps relieve neck pain after neck orthopedic surgery. It features 5 different height adjustments and fits on a wide range of patient neck sizes and circumferences.
-Adjustable rip-apart closure
-Offers an ideal choice of size thanks to a simple and precise method of measuring with fingers
-One piece design enables efficient storage where space is limited
-X-ray compatible

Adjustment tracks ensure symmetrical alignment. Easy and Accurate one-piece sizing system (16 settings for adult,14 setting for middle size and 12 settings for Mini version)
Fully disposable and stores completely flat
One-piece flip-chin facilities intubation and removal of foreign material from patient’s month
Nasal cannula holders function (Double sides) to secure the oxygen tubes 
Radio-translucent, CAT & MRI compatible
Posterior and anterior opening design to apply for safe of patient examinations without removing collar
Access for pulse checks, airway procedures, and visualization through trachea hole
Humanizing design to enable touch check the lock/unlock status
Latex-free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic
Excellent material which is SGS certificated in ISO 10993
Application Selection
Adult: TW5002

Mini:   TW5001

Middle: TW5005

Military series: TW5006

Poly bag
Carton Size:   58.5 * 20 * 32 cm
Q’ty/ctn:   20  pcs
Net Weight:   3.06  KGS
Gross Weight:   3.81  KGS

What is the difference between hard collar and soft collar?
Soft collars are usually made of felt, foam, or rubber. They fit around the neck and sit below the jaw. Soft collar are for temporary relief from moderate the neck pain. Soft collars are unlikely to help manage more serious neck injuries.
Hard collars are usually made of plastic and foam. They restrict head rotation and side-to-side movement more than softer collars. They often have a chin support to allow the muscles in your neck to relax.

Hard neck braces are often prescribed for severe neck pain, spinal fractures, and trauma injuries.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.