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New Batch of Isolation Mask to Epidemic Area
August 06, 2022

On August 6, our company sent another batch of medical isolation masks to major hospitals to support the epidemic area!

Recently, our production line has been busy. More than 30 people are divided into 2 shifts to make isolation masks on the assembly line. The medical isolation mask is 33cm long and 20.5cm wide. It can cover the whole face and protect the eyes, nasal cavity and oral cavity. It can prevent saliva and air flow from directly contacting the face. It can be used with the mask to form strong protection for people in close contact. The mask plate is made of PVC material with high transmittance, and the headband is made of 1.5cm wide belt to ensure effective fixation and increase comfort.

Xiamen Winner is one of the leading manufacturers of manual resuscitators/ambu bag and its supplementary accessories and other products like nebulizer cup, extrication collar, air splints, CPR mask and oxygen therapy products etc. Our products have been a trusted brand for more than 10 years.

We have our own factory in Xiamen, China and it operates under ISO 13485:2016 certified management systems and all of our products are CE certified.

The rapid launch of the medical isolation mask project is to respond to the national call and practice social responsibility. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, our leaders have learned that there is a shortage of medical isolation masks on the front line of the epidemic, and the safety of medical personnel can not be guaranteed. They have made a decisive decision to make use of the company's professional experience in the medical device industry for many years, quickly transform the production of protective masks and safety goggles, and strive to provide professional protective supplies for the front line of the epidemic as soon as possible.

Trust us! We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products for the best possible value.

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