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Unite as one, sure we will win | Winner-medi.com
August 11, 2021
XIAMEN, the city we live and work in has reported two confirmed cases of COVID-19 last Friday.
The confirmed cases are a crew member from an international cargo flight and his father, while his mother and son have been confirmed as asymptomatic cases at first, but now including his wife, all his family members are confirmed cases. They are now in designated hospitals for quarantine and treatment. Since last friday, their close contacts and sub-close contacts in Xiamen had tested negative for the virus and had been placed in concentrated quarantine.

Xiamen has initiated a Level-III emergency response to the resurgence of COVID-19 infections, and is expanding the scope of nucleic acid testing. Up to now, over four hundred thirty thousand residents have been sampled for COVID-19 testing, of all of them were negative. And they will start the third round of testing since today.

As a supplier of epidemic prevention products, Xiamen Winner is ready to supply safety goggles, face shield, CPR mask, manual resuscitator and other first aid products for urgent need.

Unite as one, sure we will win.

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