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Visit Xiamen Winner at CMEF Exhibition 2023
May 11, 2023

Xiamen Winner invites all customers to attend the CMEF Exhibition 2023 where they will showcase their latest medical innovations and technologies.

Xiamen Winner Invites Customers to Attend CMEF Exhibition 2023

Xiamen Winner, a renowned medical equipment manufacturer, is thrilled to extend a cordial invitation to all customers to attend the upcoming China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) Exhibition 2023.

CMEF is a highly anticipated event in the medical industry, which provides a platform for healthcare professionals and medical equipment manufacturers to showcase and explore the latest advancements in technology. With over four decades of history, CMEF has become the biggest medical exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, attracting thousands of visitors and exhibitors every year.

At the CMEF Exhibition 2023, Xiamen Winner will exhibit their latest innovations and technologies. The company's cutting-edge equipment, including patient monitors, ultrasound machines, and ventilators, are designed to enhance the efficiency of healthcare services and improve patient outcomes. The company will also showcase their new telemedicine solutions, which will enable patients to receive care remotely, improving access to healthcare for patients in remote and underserved areas.

As a leading equipment manufacturer, Xiamen Winner is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to their customers. The company believes that participating in the CMEF Exhibition 2023 will be an excellent opportunity to showcase their products and connect with healthcare professionals worldwide. Xiamen Winner aims to meet with customers to discuss how their products can help improve patient care and healthcare outcomes.

If you would participate in this fair,

we sincerely invite you to visit our booth for further communication.

Thanks for your attention and wish to see you there~

Company: Xiamen Winner
Booth No: 5.2M43
Date 2023.5.14 - 2023.5.17
Location: National Exhibition and Converntion Center(Shanghai)

Xiamen Winner Product Range

1. manual resuscitator (component face mask/reservoir bag/oxygen tubing)

2. silicone/PVC anesthesia face masks (with head harness)

3. CPR pocket mask/breathing barrier

4. breathing accessories (guedel airway/nose clip/mouth opener/PEEP valve)

5. first aid cervical collar/extrication collar

6. inflatable air splints

7. nebulizer mask

8. some oxygen therapy masks (venturi mask, nasal oxygen cannula)

9. anesthesia items (Endotracheal Tube/Laryngeal Airway Mask/breathing bag latex-free)

10. isolation mask/goggles

11. CPAP mask

12. manual suction pump

Xiamen Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Winner Trade Co., Ltd.

Web: www.winner-medi.com

Email: info@winner-medi.com

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