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/Winner Receives COVID-19 vaccination!
Winner Receives COVID-19 vaccination!
May 28, 2021

This morning, Winner organizes whole team to take first dose of COVID-19 vaccine in Xiamen Humanity Hospital!

The medical worker administers a dose of COVID-19 vaccine to every Winner Medical worker.

The most common adverse symptoms were pain at the injection site and headache, but they were mild and transient, without need for special treatment. "Serious adverse events were rare," the news report said.

Notice for Taking Vaccine

Have a good rest and do not drink alcohol the day before vaccination, and do not have an empty stomach on the day of vaccination. Stay at the vaccine taking site for 30 minutes of observation and may then leave if you have no adverse reaction. You should immediately seek medical help and alert the organizational units if you develop a persistent fever. Do not take a bath, drink alcohol and take strenuous exercises 24 hours after vaccination.

People line up for COVID-19 vaccination in Xiamen Humanity Hospital

Vaccination Certificate

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