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/Xiamen Winner Medical: Showcasing Excellence at the 2023 Pharmedi Vietnam
Xiamen Winner Medical: Showcasing Excellence at the 2023 Pharmedi Vietnam
August 18, 2023
Xiamen Winner Medical is thrilled to unveil its participation in the much-anticipated 2023 pharmedi vietnam. Mark your calendars for this remarkable event, set to grace ho chi minh city, Vietnam, from September 14th to 17th. As pioneers in emergency medical, anesthesia, and respiratory solutions, we remain resolute in delivering unparalleled product quality and impeccable service to cater to diverse medical requisites.

Pharmedi Vietnam 2023

Event Highlights:
Event Name: 2023 Pharmedi Vietnam

Showcasing Company: Xiamen Winner

Booth Allocation: V22

Date: September 14, 2023 - September 17, 2023

Venue: ho chi minh city, Vietnam

In the sphere of medical advancements, our firm boasts the following outstanding attributes:

(1) Pioneering R&D Team: Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in avant-garde product design and innovation. Notably, we have played a pivotal role in shaping China's "Technical Review and Guidance Principles for Manual Resuscitator Product Registration."

(2) Unmatched Quality Assurance: Our quality management systems have earned ISO13485:2016 certification, our products proudly bear the CE certification, and we stand listed with the FDA.

(3) State-of-the-Art Facilities: Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, we ensure the provision of top-tier product services. Furthermore, we offer the flexibility of ODM and OEM alternatives.

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Leading in the Field:

From being premier medical safety goggles manufacturers to esteemed nasal prongs manufacturer in the China, and recognized bag valve mask manufacturer and anesthetic mask manufacturers, our expertise spans a comprehensive spectrum of products.

Valve bag mask Components: Our offerings include face masks, reservoir bags, and oxygen tubing, comprising a complete ambu bag resuscitator kit.

Mask for anesthesia Silicone/PVC type: Crafted with precision and fitted with head harnesses, these anesthesia oxygen face masks are designed to deliver optimal patient care.

Pocket mask cpr: Facilitating safe and efficient resuscitation, our breathing barrier masks provide essential aid in emergency situations.

Essential Breathing Accessories: Our range encompasses guedel airways, nose clips, mouth openers, and PEEP valves to enhance respiratory interventions.

Waterproof adjustable cervical collar: Offering indispensable support in first aid and extrication scenarios, our collars are meticulously designed for utmost comfort.

Inflatable Air Splints: Designed to immobilize fractures and provide stability, our air splints aid in injury management.

Nebulizer Masks: Catering to respiratory therapies, our nebulizer masks ensure effective delivery of medication.

Oxygen Therapy Solutions: From venturi masks to nasal oxygen cannulas, our offerings cover a broad spectrum of oxygen therapy needs.

Comprehensive Anesthesia Items: Featuring Endotracheal Tubes, Laryngeal Airway Masks (LMA), and latex-free breathing bags, our range caters to diverse anesthesia requirements.

Isolation Masks and Goggles: Prioritizing infection control, we provide isolation masks and goggles to ensure optimal protection.

Cutting-Edge CPAP Masks: Our advanced CPAP masks are designed to enhance respiratory support for patients.

Manual Suction Pumps: Facilitating airway clearance, our manual suction pumps are vital tools in emergency medical settings.

Anti choke device for babies: Ensuring safety at home, our anti-choking rescue kits are essential for immediate intervention.

We cordially invite you to grace our booth, where meaningful interactions await. Your presence will undoubtedly enrich this experience. We express our gratitude for your attention and eagerly anticipate your visit. See you there!

Xiamen Winner Medical

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