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Happy Dragon Boat Festival and Zongzi Festival
June 09, 2022

About Dragon boat races and Zong Zi

The two most significant celebration activivity are all about Qu Yuan, a great patriotic poet who lived in Chu country during the Warring States period of the Zhou dynasty. Qu committed suicide by drowning himself in the Miluo River after Chu capital was captured by Qin.

It is said that the local people, who admired him, raced out in their boats to save him, or at least retrieve his body. This is said to have been the origin of dragon boat races. When his body could not be found, they dropped balls of sticky rice into the river so that the fish would eat them instead of Qu Yuan's body. This is said to be the origin of zongzi.

Xiamen Winner regards Dragon Boat Festival a very importand festival. Winner kitchen is the busiest place during this time. Our dear aunty Hua makes super delicious ZongZi for all of us. What a loving family Winner are.

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