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Winner's Collective Birthday Party in June
June 21, 2022

In order to further increase the cohesion and sense of belonging of the majority of employees to the company and promote the construction of Winner's corporate culture, under the humanistic care of the company's leaders and arrangement and organization of personnel department, the company arranged a unique and happy collective birthday party for the birthday stars in June.

In the afternoon of June 7, Winner implemented the people-oriented concept and held a group birthday party for employees on a regular basis, so that employees could truly feel the warmth from the big family of Xiamen Winner.

In addition to specially preparing exquisite birthday cakes and rich afternoon tea for the birthday stars, the company also prepared heart-warming birthday gifts and birthday greetings handwritten by leaders for them. Although this is only a small activity, it pours out a piece of the company's care for employees, and will certainly play a positive role in mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees to love their jobs and dedicate themselves.

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