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Medical oxygen supply nasal oxygen cannula

Durable hospital nasal oxygen tubing is a device used to deliver supplemental oxygen or increased airflow to a patient or person in need of respiratory help.

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    transparent green, transparent white
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Medical oxygen supply nasal oxygen cannula

The nasal cannula is often used in elderly patients or patients who can benefit from oxygen therapy but do not require it for self-respiration. These patients do not need oxygen to the degree of wearing a non-rebreather oxygen mask.

Product Specifications

1.5 meter main tube with 2 X 0.5 meter branch tubes

Main tube OD5.0mm / 5.5mm / 6.0mm available

Colors: green, transparent


1. Soft-touch cannula
2. Standard connector

Anti-crush 2.1 meter tubing length

4. Various sizes for customer’s choice
5. Metal clip tightens the nose
6. Latex free PVC medical grade
7. An elastic strap for added comfort

Item No.

Oxygen nasal cannula for respiratory therapy


Size: Neonate/infant/child/adult

Packaging & Shipping

Kink resistant breathing nasal oxygen catheter

Carton Size: 49X28X25cm

Q’ty/ctn: 100pcs/ctn

Gross Weight: 6KGS

Customization of tubing length acceptable!


How much oxygen does a nasal oxygen catheter deliver?

Nasal cannula with oxygen supply tubing is generally used wherever small amounts of supplemental oxygen are required without rigid control of respiration, such as in oxygen therapy. Most cannula can only provide oxygen at low flow rates up to 5L/min, delivering an oxygen concentration of 28–44%. Rates above 5L/min can result in discomfort to the patient, drying of the nasal passages and possibly nose bleeds. Also with flow rates above 6L/min, the laminar flow becomes turbulent and the oxygen therapy being delivered is only as effective as delivering 5–6 L/min.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.