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New Product-Manual Resuscitator Ambu Bag BVM
August 26, 2021

Manual resuscitator is always a hot-sale item and warmly welcome worldwide. Based on this situation, our Xiamen Winner has developed a new mold for this ambu bag product according to customers' request.

Comparison of First Version & Second Version

Same shape with different surface:

1st version: There are windows on the balloon.

2nd version: no windows on the balloon but it is more anti-skiding surface.

Medical grade PVC material, good functioning, good resilience,

with size information engraved on the body.

Same volume 1630ml with same dimension 325X132mm at about 600g.

Manual Resuscitator Ambu Bag BVM

These manual resuscitator are inexpensive and intended for single patient use, available in sizes for use with infants, children or adults.

Winner always keeps eyes on market demand and stays active on product research and development.

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