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White silicone CPAP/BIPAP full face mask

Full face mask CPAP BIPAP mask for sleep apnea snoring people with free adjustable headgear, comfortable for your facial features and personal sleep style, perfect fit!

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    30% in advance, rest before shipment
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    transparent white
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    mainly Xiamen, any port in China
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White silicone CPAP/BIPAP full face mask

CPAP masks, between a sleep apnea patient and the ventilator, available in a variety of styles and configurations, are designed for both good therapeutic performance and best patient comfort, making your nightly sleep therapy a welcome experience!


1. Material PC for hard plastic components, silicone for cushion and valve.

2. Dimension 22mmOD, according to IS0 5356-1

3. Operation temperature: -18℃ ~ 40℃

4. Storage relative humidity: < 85%

5. Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ 55℃

6. Validity: 2 years

Product Description

Medical full face CPAP mask with headgear

PC mask shell with silicone cushion,

with forehead support with silicone pad,

rotational vented or unvented elbow connector,

adjustable head strap

Size: M/L

Product Show

Our Services

Variour elbow connectors for choice, vented/unvented, fixed/rotational

Fine printed zipper bag or simple transparent bag for package

Fast delivery

Packaging & Shipping

Fine colorful zipper bag or simple transparent bag for package

35pcs/carton, carton size 50X40X40cm, 7.5KGS/carton

Sea/air shipment, domestic delivery available

Application Field

Home use sleep apnea therapy, hospital ventilation, COVID-19 treatment

Company Information

Xiamen Winner is a professional supplier of first-aid & anesthesia products like manual resuscitator, face masks, air splints, CPR mask and extrication collar.We have our own factory in Xiamen and it operates under ISO 13485:2003-, ISO 9001:2000- and ISO 10993-4:2002- certified management systems and all of our products carry CE marks.


Help us get to know you better.

1.Are you currently using a mask for yur CPAP therapy?

2.Do you tend to sleep with your mouth open and/or breathe through your mouth?

3.Do you have chronic issues that affect your breathing through your nose?

4.What is your sleep position stype? Side, back, stomach or varies, active sleeper?

5.What’s your CPAP machine pressure setting?

6.Do you have a bed partner?

7.Do you wake up to use the bathroom more than 2-3 times per night?

8.Do you wear glasses?

9.Is it important for you to be able to easily read a book or watch TV with your mask on?

10.Do you have facial hair?

11.Is your face or skin easily irritated?

12.Does the idea of wearing a CPAP mask on your face make you feel uncomfortable?

Share us your thoughts to info@winner-medi.com^_^

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Leave A Message
Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.